• Letzte Version 2.1.4 (2. 3. 2018) für MK3 und MK2/S/MMU
    • Windows version 350MB
    • Mac OSX version 500MB
    • Version 2.1.4 changelog
      • Slic3r PE updated to 1.39.1 version with accurate time estimate. Time is shown after g-code is saved.
      • MK3: Settings added for 0.25mm and 0.6mm nozzle
    • Version 2.1.3 changelog
      • MK3: Slic3r PE print settings without overextrusion and vastly improved cooling. Default infill chenged from cubic to grid.
      • MK3: 0.35mm FAST print settings removed as 0.20mm print setting already tops the E3D V6 flow rate of 15mm3/s
      • MK3: Sample objects updated with new print settings
      • MAC: To update the print profiles, copy the new Slic3r into Applications and run Configuration Assistant from the Help menu. Don’t forget to select „Reset user profile“ to prevent mixing new and old settings.
    • Version 2.1.1 changelog
      • Slic3r Prusa Edition updated to version 1.38.6
      • MK3: Updated print settings with better print quality by reducing the infill perimeter overlap to 25%
      • MAC: Sample objects are updated to the latest revision
    • Version 2.1.0 changelog
      • Slic3r Prusa Edition updated to version 1.38.5
      • PrusaControl updated to version 0.9.4 which includes 32bit version
      • Updated MK3 print settings
      • MK2 MultiMaterial Single Mode print settings are moved to Multi Material Slic3r PE
      • Updated MK2 sample objects with LA to print faster
      • MK3 sample objects also updated
      • New sample objects are copied to folder with drivers version appendix – no need to backup anymore
      • MAC: Slic3r Prusa Edition has print settings baked in! Run it from Help -> Configuration Wizard
    • Version 2.0.0 changelog
      • Sample models and print settings for MK3 added
    • Version 1.9.2 changelog – Read more about this version at
      • Upto 10% faster print settings
      • Experimental Linear Advance print settings upto 30% faster
    • Version 1.9.1 changelog
      • Slic3r PE updated to 1.37.2
      • PrusaControl updated to 0.9.4_415_beta
      • Print settings update with Linear Advance
    • Version 1.9.0 changelog
      • Slic3r PE aktualisiert auf 1.37.1
      • PrusaControl wurde mit der Version 0.9.3_390_beta mit Unterstützung für MultiMaterial hinzugefügt
      • MM
        • – Neues 3 Materialtestobjekt hinzugefügt – Big Whale Jumping von GabirelYun. Verwendet PLA und BVOH.
        • – Neue Druckeinstellungen für 0,6 mm Düse.
        • – Der Drucker testet alle verwendeten Extruder vor dem Druck auf der ersten Schicht an der Vorderseite des Druckbettes, um die korrekte Einführung des Filaments zu überprüfen.
    • Ältere Versionen
    • Version 1.7.7 (6. Mai 2017) mit den letzten Einstellungen für MK1


  • Original Prusa i3 MK3
    • Englisch 3D Druckhandbuch 7MB
    • – Version 3.1 (Mesh Bed Leveling, connecting Raspberry Pi Zero W, updated chapters about Power Panic, Spring steel sheets, Wizard…)
    • – 13. December 2017
  • Original Prusa i3 MK2 Multi Material
    • Englisch 3D Druckhandbuch 3MB
    • – Version 1.0 (richtige Erstversion, hinzugefügt ColorPrint MM, getestete Filamente, Fehlerbehebung)
    • – 13. September 2017
  • Original Prusa i3 MK2S
    • Englisch 3D Druckhandbuch 7MB
    • – Version 2.02 (update based on changes in firmware v3.1.0 – Linear Advance, SD Card sorting, etc.; Materials chapter update)
    • – 26. November 2017
  • Original Prusa i3 MK2
    • Englisch 3D Druckhandbuch 6MB
    • – Version 1.05 (PEI Oberflächenvorbereitung hat sich geändert, Glattere Kalibrierung, wenn benötigt wird die Kalibrierung zu wiederholen, Wie man Filament während eines Druckes wechselt, Zahnseide für Objektentfernung, Licht und Komplett-Reset, Firmware-Update …)
    • – 32. October 2016
  • Original Prusa i3 „MK1“ 1.75mm

    Manual eignet sich auch für 3mm Ausführung außer Materialtemperaturen und Bildern.

  • Andere


    Firmware 3.1.0 (12. November 2017)

    MK1, MK2 und MK2 Multi Material werden nun unterstützt.

    Letzte Änderungen in 3.1.0:

    • Linear Advance
    • Wizard
    • Host keep alive messages – better OctoPrint compatibility
    • Sorting files in SD card menu by date or name
    • Check if file is complete
    • First layer calibration – V2 integrated into FW
    • Auto power mode
    • XYZ calibration details menu improved
    • PID calibration safety check
    • M220: Speed factor
    • Saving E steps per mm to EEPROM fixed
    • Long filename scrolling is improved

    Read more about this major version at
    There’s a known bug using Repetier server, please wait for the next release if you’re using it
    Letzte Änderungen in 3.0.12:

    • MM: Korrigiertes „bug“ mit aktivem Piepser bei Filament Ladung
    • M500 gcode wird jetzt nicht „Estep-Wert“ auf EEPROM speichern um „komisches“ Verhalten beim Upgrade von MK2 auf MK2 MM zu verhindern

    Änderungen in 3.0.12-RC2:

    • Verbesserte XYZ-Kalibrierung
    • XYZ-Kalibrierergebnisse sind jetzt im Support-Menü verfügbar
    • Selbsttest behoben
    • Verbessertes Herausziehen des Filaments
    • Multi Material
      • Beim Stoppen des Drucks wird der Benutzer gefragt, welche Filamente werden herausgezogen
      • „T?“ Gcode hinzugefügt, welcher den Extruder eine höhere Priorität beim Drucken gibt
    • Unterstützung für MK1 hinzugefügt

    Vollständige und ausführliche Anmeldung bei Github

    Firmware 3.1.4 (10. 4. 2018)

    Nur MK2.5
    Changes in 3.1.4:
    See full release log on GitHub!

    • More reliable and faster XYZ calibration with „image processing“.
    • Measurement point searching algorithm has been improved to supress „false targets“ caused by heating meander near measurement point.

    Changes in 3.1.3 RC1:

    • Initial release

    FFirmware 3.1.3 (8. 3. 2018)

    Nur MK3.
    Changes in 3.1.3:
    See full release log on GitHub!

    • More friendly Selftest – sensitivity of axes checks were decreased
    • Fixed flow setting from LCD menu and flow rate fix – extrusion multiplier was always set to 100%

    Changes in 3.1.2:
    See full release log on GitHub!

    • Low layer height (50um and 100um) printing is fixed
    • Precise homing implemented to remove slight layer shifts when rehoming after PowerPanic or crash. Self test will be re-run automatically to enable this
    • Improved FAN RPM sensing to reduce number of false alarms

    Änderungen in 3.1.1:
    Vollständige und ausführliche Anmeldung bei Github!

    • Filament sensor is more reliable – higher FPS set and when runout is triggered one additional check is done
    • Fail stats is split into last print and total menus. Crash detection is also split into X and Y axis
    • Fan error will not prevent from continuing the print when using OctoPrint
    • Print fan error or pause during rehoming will perform correctly now
    • Preheat temperatures updated
    • Temperature calibration now informs user about the conditions needed
    • Better serial communication

    Änderungen in 3.1.1 b150 RC5:

    • OctoPrint printing fixed
    • Print reliability improved
    • Hard movement limits set to 200mm/s for NORMAL mode and 172mm/s for STEALTH mode
    • Test for swapped fans is more robust
    • Firmware version messages shown on printer startup
    • Bed temperature runaway implemented
    • Filament sensor fail stats fixed
    • Linear advance temporarily disabled as current implementation might be causing random layer shifts on MK2 and MK3
    • Print mode switching notification doesn’t pause the print
    • Crash detected status message added
    • Improved displaying of status messages
    • Filament change updated – extruder cools down after 10 minutes of waiting
    • Serial communication improved
    • Load filament beeps when done
    • Wizard sometimes ran in stealth mode or didn’t save Live adjust Z value it is now fixed
    • Modified unload filament sequence

    Änderungen in 3.1.1 b143 RC4:

    • Improved PowerPanic reliability on some printers
    • Filament unload function improved with smaller chance of blockage
    • Better OctoPrint reliability
    • Message warns user about disabling Crash Detection when switching from Normal to Stealth
    • AutoLoad is now more user friendly and smart, with better menus
    • Improved color changing “Color not clear” dialog
    • AutoLoading while cold now produces error message
    • Temperature calibration routine turns off the heatbed automatically at the end
    • Improved false MINTEMP detection

    Änderungen in 3.1.1 b138 RC3:

    • Current in Z axis motor increased for better Z axis stability including better PowerPanic recovery
    • M110 command fixed
    • Temporarily disabled crash detections when printing via USB/serial
    • it was causing OctoPrint to hangup, we are working on a fix
    • Selftest now testing if filament sensor is properly connected and communicating
    • Setup function cleaned up for better readability
    • Better OctoPrint communication stability
    • Improved algorithm of filament autoloading
    • it won’t false trigger when filament is already loaded
    • Filament autoload can be turned off/on via LCD menu
    • Mintemp error masking by ambient temperature sensor reading improved for higher reliability
    • Main menu slightly reorganised
    • Wizard is now not asking if colour is clear when loading filament to prevent user confusion

    Änderungen in 3.1.1 b137 RC2:

    • Fixed power panic routine when absolute possitioning of extruder is used
    • Random resets during Wizard caused by long user response time fixed, self test and PID calibration
    • Automatic Filament load during filament change
    • Incomplete file check implemented
    • Second serial line support implemented to allow Pi Zero W communication
    • Fail stats fixed (now resetable from Factory reset)
    • Fan test fixed (now possible to catch swaped fans)
    • Ambient temperature sensor conversion table fixed, and it’s used now to mask out MINTEMP error when printer is in low temperature environment
    • Stealth mode acceleration and maximum speeds are now limited to prevent layer shifts
    • Normal mode is now force set before XYZ calibration and self test
    • Crash detection menu setting during print fixed (sometimes turning it OFF/ON wasn’t working)
    • Filament sensor menu item now shows another state [N/A] which means the sensor is not attached, or not available because of possible wrong connection
    • File sorting in “Print from SD” implemented for up to 100 files per directory
    • Wizard tiggering during first run of printer fixed
    • Menu items properly masked during first layer calibration
    • Debuging output to serial line removed to prevent corrupting octoprint compatibility

    Änderungen in 3.1.1 b122 RC1:

    • Erste MK3-Version
    • Fixing XYZ-Kalibrierung Absturz von b121

    Big Whale Jumping